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We have USED Pallet Racking Systems!!!

We have both new & used pallet racks!We have both NEW and USED heavy duty pallet racks stacked and ready for installation. And we know - Pre-Owned / Used Pallet Racks are more affordable and just as reliable!!!  It can SAVE you $$$!!! 

We acquire pallet racking systems from Storage / Distribution Companies that are closing or relocating. Providing us with inventory that can be your at a discounted price!

As you can expect, pallet racking systems are in the condition the previous owner left it - USED not abused!  Note however, any damaged racks acquired will NOT be sold!

All Used product is structurally sound and ready to be utilized.

Used product may have slight imperfections but are in good working order.

Used / Pre-Owned Racking is sold As Is, and is subject to availability.

We are always looking to buy Pallet Racking Systems.  Contact us if you are looking to sell or trade in your pallet racks.


Call Us at (407) 410-0472 or Email us Now!

We Will Even Buy Your Pallet Racking System!!!

We Are Experts at Providing Complete Warehouse Services. We offer:

  • Free Quotes

  • Free Design & Layout for New or Existing Sites

  • Complete "Turn Key" Bids: From Teardown to Sweep Out!

  • Full Service Logistics to Manage Your Project Quickly and Efficiently

  • Experienced and Professional Personnel

  • Insured, Licensed and Bonded

  • Specialization in Buying and Selling Used Warehouse Equipment!

We would really like to hear from you.  Contact us now for a quote.  Tell us what you need.   If you would prefer, call us at one of our offices listed below.

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Thank you for visiting Absolute Warehouse Services of Mid-Florida, LLC. We would like the opportunity to service your warehousing and/or racking needs. In addition, We can offer services for all stages of the development of your building - from ground breaking thru set-up. Please call us and see what we can do for you!  No matter where you are located, we can provide the right services for you. Please contact us today about what you need.

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