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Wire Security Cages

Wire Security Cage/Partition Our manufacturer of wire security cages is in the business of producing security wire partition products designed to deliver secured storage, guarding and safety solutions across many industries. From industrial to law enforcement, these product lines are some of the most innovative and high quality products available. Strict quality control processes combined with superior materials and unsurpassed customer service, make the entire experience one that keeps our customers coming back.

Call us and let's find the right wire security cages for you!


EZ Wire Partition EZ Wire
EZ Wire is the patented "no nuts and bolts" security wire partition system designed to be the most economical and secure system in the industry. The EZ Wire hook-fastener system makes installation up to five times faster than standard bolted systems. Secure storage is achieved through the strength of MilSpec, 10-Ga., woven wire panels and 2-1/2" steel posts. Unlike bolted partitions, the system cannot be easily defeated with common hand tools.

EZ Guard Safety Barrier EZ Guard
EZ Guard is constructed from the same high quality materials as our EZ Wire partitions.  It is designed for machine guarding and as a safety barrier over mezzanines.  Use EZ Guard to enclose one machine, a work cell, or an entire line.  EZ Guard is framed with channel inserts and has no sharp edges.  Standard and special configurations are available.  Doors can be set up to interlock with your equipment.  Consult the factory expert for assistance in designing your EZ Guard solution to OSHA compliance.

Bolted Wire Partition Bolted Wire
Wireway standard bolted wire partitions are designed as modular sections, and easily installed by one person with common hand tools using the included nuts and bolts.  Partitions are interchangeable and may be removed and reused for changing or expanding and installation.  All industry recognized door and lock options are available.  This line of woven wire partitions is widely recognized in the industry for it's quality and wide range of applications.

Secure Tennant Locker Tennant Locker

Stored-Secure is 10 gauge diamond pattern woven wire partitions built on angle iron frames for superior strength and ease of assembly.  Whether you're storing the kids toys, need secured storage for tenants, or a cylinder storage unit for your shop, Stored-Secure is the economical solution.


Steel Rack Guard Rack Guard
Steel Rack Guards help keep items from falling and are an essential addition to your pallet rack system.  Available in stock widths from 7 to 12 feet and heights from 3 to 5 feet.  Panels are attached to pallet rack systems using spacer clips.  Heavy duty 10 gauge 1-1/2" diamond wire mesh welded to a steel angle frame encloses the rack while still providing inventory visibility.  Available in Hi Hyde Yellow finish.

Steel Folding Gate Folding Gates
Steel Folding Gates are essential to your facility for Ventilation, Visibility and Access Control.  Our Folding Gates provide the ability to secure Receiving Doors, Lift-Up Doors, Entranceways, Hallways and more.  Made of heavy duty 14-gauge steel, our Steel Folding Gates are a must for your warehouse, storage, or shipping  facility.


We have a complete selection of essential items for all your storage needs.  Please visit our
Product Catalog to view everything available.


AWS is a leader in the distribution of finest security wire partition products designed to deliver secured storage, guarding and safety solutions across many industries to make your operation fast, safe and efficient. We will find the solution for your application.

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